About us

Professionals excited to create beautiful things

Welcome to our distinct collective, a small yet robust team of web development professionals, committed to transforming digital landscapes with innovative designs, advanced technology, and bespoke solutions for your business success.

Our vision

We believe in the power of creative ideas

In this ever-evolving digital era, our vision is to harness the power of latest technology and innovative thinking. As a web development collective, we strive to create disruptive solutions to contemporary web challenges, aiming not just to meet, but exceed, client expectations. Our drive is to reshape digital boundaries, making the web more accessible, efficient and engaging for all.

Our handbook

How we work and collaborate with our clients

Our collective firmly believes in the power of clear communication, respect, and understanding as the cornerstones of building lasting client relationships. We are committed to working closely with our clients, ensuring their ideas and objectives are not just heard but thoroughly understood. By maintaining a transparent dialogue and promoting mutual respect, we shape solutions that truly mirror our clients' vision. This collaborative approach cultivates trust, solidifies long-term relationships, and drives us to deliver web solutions that perfectly align with our clients' strategic goals.

Our values

The values that guide and define our work

We are a collective valuing quality, continuous improvement, and teamwork, committed to excellence in every facet of our work.


We prioritise quality assurance, constantly refining our strategies and techniques to ensure we deliver outstanding digital solutions for every client.


Dedicated to continual learning and development. By consistently enhancing our technical skills and understanding, we strive to stay at the forefront of the digital landscape, thereby ensuring we deliver the most advanced and effective solutions for our clients.

Team work

Through collaboration, we unite our diverse skills, creating solutions that align perfectly with our clients' vision, ensuring their digital success.

The team

Decades of experience in design and development

John Thompson
Director & Full Stack Developer
Steph Taylor
Developer & Data Analyst
Ian Farrell
Design & Front End Developer
Paul Sterry
Full Stack Developer
Sarah O'Brien
Let's make something great together.