Introduction to WordPress

Get to grips with the worlds most popular content management system.

WordPress is everywhere, companies both large and small use it to run their websites and web applications, given this popularity it’s almost certain that anyone ever tasked with looking after websites will come across the CMS.  We find WordPress to be one of the more intuitive systems around, but there are still some common pitfalls people encounter when getting started with the system so we’ve put together a training course which introduces the CMS, the most commonly encountered issues and series techniques essential for running and maintaining a successful WordPress website.

What is included on our beginners WordPress training course?

Our training courses can be catered to your specific requirements but as standard we will cover:

  •  Overview of WordPress – How it works and how it structures your information.
  •  Creating new pages/posts and understanding all the features of the WordPress editor.
  •  Managing your media library, ensuring your images are the correct size and optimised for the web.
  •  Installation and setting up of our recommended SEO plugin.
  •  Adding keyword and meta information to your pages/posts.
  •  Installation and setup of our recommended security plugin, ensuring your site stays safe from hackers and malware.
  •  Safely updating your WordPress site to take advantage of new features and again ensuring you stay secure.

By the end of this course you’ll be comfortable managing written content and media within the CMS. You’ll also be able to confidently install and configure plugins used to expand your website as your needs grow.

If you feel you or your team might benefit from WordPress training we’d love to hear from you, talk about your specific requirements and build your perfect training package. We can deliver training in both our Devon and Bristol offices, or we can come to you.

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