Introduction to Google Analytics

Get the most out of your data!

Google Analytics is one of the most popular ways of getting the best out of your website. It allows you to analyse your sites visitor traffic and helps you to better understand your customers.

Our Google Analytics training for beginners will enable you to walk away with the basic skills to effectively measure the impact of your website.

What is included on our beginners training course?

Our beginners course will introduce you to the world of Analytics and provide you with basic knowledge so that you are able to correctly use and interpret your data.

Courses are tailored to you and your specific business goals, but we always cover the fundamentals. This ensures that you are working with a clean data set that can be efficiently interpreted and analysed:

  • Overview of Google Analytics – what it is and how it works
  • Setting up your views
  • Configuring your view settings and applying basic filters
  • Overview of the basic measures, what they mean and how to make use of them
  • Setting up basic on-site goals
  • Channel groupings – where are your visitors coming from?
  • Dashboard set-up – for easy analysis of key measures

By the end of the session(s) you will have a framework to move forward with which will help you focus on the measures that are most useful to your business.

*Note – courses require the UA code to have already been implemented and for those taking part to have admin access to the Google Analytics account.

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