PPC Management

Our Approach to Pay-Per-Click

Whether it’s through search, social or sky-writing, we're here to take care of your PPC marketing for you.

Want to know which key phrases will drive better conversions to your site? Want more traffic and want it quick? Having a paid for search or social strategy in place is a great way of achieving these things. Pay-Per-Click marketing can be one of the most effective ways of driving consistent and relevant traffic to your site, whether it’s for brand awareness, a seasonal sales campaign or product promotion.



Here’s where we look at your strategy for PPC. We’ll determine which network is best for you, basing this on your goals, audiences and competition. We’ll research the best keywords and phrases to target, craft compelling adverts and work with your landing pages to ensure they have a clear user journey and conversion funnel.

If you’ve already dipped your toes in the paid search pond then we’ll conduct a full audit of your current set-up, fixing any issues we find along the way, ensuring messaging is on point, landing pages are optimised and tracking is implemented correctly.


Monitor & Change

We keep a close eye on your paid for activity throughout the duration of the campaign. We monitor results and change aspects of the campaign on an on-going basis to ensure maximum conversions of your objectives. By reviewing your campaigns often, it enables us to quickly react to any opportunities we come across.


Report & Repeat

Every month you’ll receive a full in-depth report of your campaign(s) results, alongside changes made and recommendations for moving forward. We’ll review competitors and learn what monthly goals the different departments of your business have and incorporate those into the campaign where possible.

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