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The digital world is forever changing, some of these changes don't mean much at all, others have huge implications.

We sift through all these updates and changes and when beneficial we’ll post our thoughts and advice in our blog. We like to also include the occasional case study or tutorial from time to time.

In Browser Push Notifications – Are you missing out?

You’re probably familiar with push notifications on your phone, they pop up to let you know when some activity has occurred within one of your apps or web services. It might be a Facebook post,...

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Setting a Custom Open Graph Image When Using Yoast

We often forgo the default featured image Wordpress uses on posts in favour of our own. There are plenty of reasons you might want to do this when developing a site, we normally use an ACF field with ...

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WordPress, Why the Bad Press?

Here at UFMedia we love WordPress and as such we use it for over 90% of our web projects, to date we’ve not had any issues scaling the platform to meet our client’s requirements and it w...

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Guide to Hosting – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part 2

A quick backtrack to start So, in our previous article we went over the basic types of hosting and it’s true that just about all hosting packages will fall into the two categories we’ve...

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Guide to Hosting – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part 1

We think it’s about time we had a stab at straightening out this bag of snakes and give our opinion on the hosting options available. We’re going to make this a series of posts as there...

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Website Development – Woodfields Farm

Leading on from Paul’s last post which introduced a new client, Woodfields Farm and how we helped them establish their branding and logo, we’ve now completed their website! This bu...

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